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Venice and Murano, Burano and Torcello islands

It is a city that is reflected in the water, and the image it returns is found imprinted in the eyes of the beholder. The traveler, even if just passing through, is captivated by the beauty and multitude of monuments and works of art. 

Piazza San Marco, the beating heart of the city, an important urban and architectural complex, takes its name from the famous Basilica of San Marco, built in oriental style and surmounted by five Byzantine domes. The vast space opens on one side open to the lagoon and on the other bordered by the high bell tower and the prestigious historic buildings of the Old and New Procuratie and Palazzo Ducale.


Treviso is a city to visit in every season, with the slow pace of those who want to savor every corner, discover original views, breathe the quiet city life. The heart of the city and the meeting place of Treviso people is Piazza dei Signori with its Palazzo dei Trecento and the elegant Loggia Dei Cavalieri. 

The two rivers, Sile and Cagnan, penetrate the streets and give a unique charm to the historic center enclosed by the ancient walls. The arcaded houses with the beautiful frescoed facades that reflect on the Buranelli canal and the Isola della Pescheria, created in the Cagnan river to host the fish market, tell of Treviso’s close link with its waters.


A journey between past and present, between millenary history, traditions and art: this is Padua. A city rich in beauties, such as the restored Palazzo della Ragione and the Loggia dei Carraresi, evidence of the ancient splendor of the Lordship of the Carraresi; the Scrovegni Chapel with the precious cycle of Giotto’s frescoes; the sculptures of Donatello or the more modern lines of the Libeskind monument. 

It is a journey through the magnificence of the ancient palaces, in the spirituality that is breathed in its Churches – among all the Basilicas of S. Antonio, S. Giustina, the Cathedral with its Romanesque Baptistery – between the daily swarming of the city markets of Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Frutta, between the grandeur of Prato della Valle and under the millenary arcades. Padua is also the city of science that develops between the ancient walls of the university building of the Palazzo del Bo and along the avenues of the first university botanical garden in Europe.


Its position in the heart of Valbelluna, surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Dolomites, enchanted the Celts who called it “Belo-dunum”, a shining hill. Today the clear light of the mountains, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, is the backdrop to a city that fascinates and surprises. Starting with the buildings that, by merging Nordic forms with Venetian Gothic, generate a unique effect, to arrive at the ancient fountains that characterize the Old Town. On Piazza del Duomo there are beautiful palaces of power such as the Palazzo dei Rectors, the Palace of Justice, the old Bishopric, and the Palazzo Rosso. 

The Baroque Cathedral also stands out with its bell tower with its characteristic onion shape and the dome surmounted by the angel that tradition has attributed to Andrea Brustolon, a famous sculptor and illustrious “son” of this city.


Walking through the streets of the historic center, along the banks of the Adige, the city of love shows its wonders. Marked by different eras, Verona tells with its architecture, the succession of various dominations: from the Roman settlement, to the age of the municipalities, to the era of the Scaligeri Lordship up to the Venetian and Habsburg dominations. 

In the central Piazza Bra stands the majestic Arena, the Roman amphitheater that has hosted the prestigious summer opera season for decades. Palazzo Barbieri and the Gran Guardia overlook the “liston”, the wide sidewalk that follows the course of the square, while other noble buildings house the places usually frequented by Veronese and tourists from all over the world. Not far away, Juliet’s House, with its famous balcony, welcomes thousands of visitors fascinated by the story of Romeo and Juliet, the two lovers of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy.