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Dear Guests,

thank you for choosing Agriturismo Le cipressine.

Below you will find some useful information for your stay and the related rules. For problems or information contact the whatsapp/viber number +393452206560

Colazione 08:00 – 09:30


Hall: Agri_lecipressine PW: guest_cipre

Rooms floor: Agri_lecipressine2.4G PW: guest_cipre

Check-out within 10:00 o’ clock

SERVICE: minibar where you will find some of our white wines (scan the QRcode to see the prices).

Glasses and other supplies available in the tea and coffee corner.


ROOM CLEANING: kind guests are invited to leave the room by 10:00 am to allow regular cleaning. If cleaning is not necessary, place the appropriate DO NOT DISTURB sign.


RECYCLING: kind guests are invited to throw the following objects into the appropriate containers located in the tea and coffee corner.

Vetro e lattine
Glass and cans
Sacchetti o buste di carta – Paper bags
Cartoni vuoti tetrapack – Empty tetrapack carton
Giornali e riviste – Newspapers and magazines
Cartoni della pizza puliti – Clean pizza boxes
Scatole sigarette vuote – Empty cigarette boxes
Bottiglie di plastica vuote – Empty plastic bottles
Buste e scatole di plastica – Plastic bags and boxes
Bottiglie del vino – Wine bottles
Vasetti di vetro vuoti – Empty glass jars
Lattine – Cans
Vaschette per alimenti in alluminio vuote – Empty aluminium food trays

Our tea and coffee corner is available to guests free of charge.

It is possible to consume take-away food and drinks using our supplies made available, and microwave.

It is possible to purchase our wines for your convivial evenings. Price list on the counter.

HEATING: it is autonomous (floor heating) with a radiator in the bathroom.

AIR CONDITIONING Summer: the customer can increase or decrease the temperature with the appropriate remote control. To avoid waste, we invite you to check that doors and windows are tightly closed before leaving the room.

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the structure, including the bedroom and bathroom.

If smoke is found inside the rooms, €30.00 will be charged for restoring and cleaning the rooms.

REPORTING OF BREAKAGES: kind guests are asked to report any accidental breakages caused during their stay. Breakages, if due to the guest, will be charged at the repurchase cost price. We would be very grateful to report any complaints and problems to improve our services.

QUIET AT NIGHT: we kindly ask you not to disturb other guests, therefore to behave appropriately and use an appropriate voice volume between 11pm and 7am.

OBJECTS BELONGING TO THE STRUCTURE: the objects present inside the rooms, bathrooms and in the common areas (including books and brochures) belong to Agriturismo Le Cipressine and can be used by guests in compliance with good manners.

PARKING: uncovered, unattended.

In our absence due to problems or inconveniences, please immediately contact the Whatsapp number +393452206560 or click on “Info?”

We will be happy to help you in the best way.